Will PDR damage my car?

No!  When performed correctly, PDR has absolutely no negative effects on the paint or body work of the vehicle.

Will I see where the PDR repair was performed?

No!  PDR performed correctly should be undetectable.

What types of damage can be repaired by PDR?

Small dings, dents and creases that have not broken the paint work and hail damage.

What size and type of dent can be repaired?

We can repair most creases, dents and dings up to cricket ball is size.

Not all dents are the same, factors that need to be considered are access, location and severity of the dent.

Can you remove creases? It depends on the size and location of the crease, most can be repaired provided they not hard up against the edge of the panel.

What if the paint is chipped or scratched? Most light scratches can be polished out of the paint work without to much problem

If the paint is chipped or cracked, it can be brush touched after the dent has been removed. We do not carry paint, however if you supply the paint we are more than happy to apply it following the PDR repair for you.

Will PDR damage the existing paint surfaces?

No!  Today's modern vehicle are painted in 2 pak paint product, they are far more flexible and durable now days. PDR can be performed to steel or aluminium panels leaving the painted surfacing in excellent  condition.

Will I be without my vehicle?

No!  Being mobile we come to you.  All we require is an area protected from the elements (i.e. rain and direct sunlight).   Most door dents and creases damage can be completed within the hour.

Is it expensive?

No!  An average paintless dent repairs cost around 25% of the cost of conventional repairs.

What guarantee do you give?

Dent & Hail Technology give you a Life Time Guarantee on all successful repairs, whilst you own the vehicle.